• Choose a variety of themes, at least one per class

    You have full control over the theme you choose! It may tie in with the current curriculum, be personal to your students, be inspired by other artists or follow the religious beliefs of your school.

  • A creative background that fills the page

    Backgrounds don't have to be complicated to be effective. They can help set the mood e.g. a dark background could convey a sombre mood whereas a light one could suggest sunshine and lightness. Areas of plain white paper will make the piece look unfinished.

  • Ensure all data fields are presented clearly and accurately on canvas paper

    Student names must match the name given on the register. Ensure all artwork has a title and draw a circle around the arrow to signify a portrait or landscape. When happy all data is clear and accurate you may tick the box on the canvass paper to say you have checked.

  • Signatures add a special touch

    Signed artwork makes it easier to distinguish who the artist is and makes the piece more personal to the artist and their friends and family. The signature can also enhance the artwork by giving it a more professional feel.

  • Dont place detail near the black edged guideline

    The mount within the frame will protrude a few millimetres over the black guideline. Try to keep the main subject of the image central. You may opt-out out of having a mount by creating the piece on the flip side of the canvas paper. Again, be mindful that you will lose a five-millimetre border where the picture goes into the frame.

  • Glued-on materials

    When glueing on materials ensure the thickness is no more than five millimeters, around the thickness of a button. Plant material will dry and break off ruining the piece. To add a sparkle use glitter glue instead of glitter.

  • Absent sheets

    If any students are absent or have not finished their artwork before the deadline; write their name, class, age and picture title on the sheet provided in the canvas pack. On the day of the exhibition please deliver the pieces to the gallerist.

  • Create the artwork over multiple sittings

    We recommended creating the artwork over multiple sittings for the best results, such as background first or layering affects. We realise there are often time constraints for teachers and we appreciate all your hard work.

  • Whilst allowing freedom, assist students in creating the best piece possible

    Using diverse artistic styles and techniques will make the exhibition stand out. Consider the age and artistic ability when choosing; collaging, bubble painting and printing work well with younger years.  

Thankyou !

A big thank you to all the staff involved! The celebration of art is so important for young minds; it boosts creativity, dexterity and confidence. We encourage you to create a masterpiece of your own and we will feature that alongside your students within the exhibition.

  • Still Life

  • Abstract

  • Silhouette

  • Collage

  • Bubble Painting

  • Printing

  • Pointillism

  • Nihonga

  • Where I Live

  • ME

  • Transport

  • Seasons

  • Animals

  • Around The World

  • Space

  • Aboriginal Art

  • Mini-Beasts

  • Fantasy Creatures

What to expect

Watch the video bellow to see what you expect from a typical exhibition.