Why Images Art Exhibitions?

Why should I choose to work with Images?

While the benefits of a whole-school exhibition are substantial, so is the amount of work involved. We take this off your hands, leaving you to focus on the educational aspects of the project.

From planning advice, to cataloguing and framing, from staging the exhibition to providing complete documentation, we make it easy for you. And because we produce our own frames in our own British factory, and have developed our systems over many years, we can do all this for FREE and keep the frame price low.

Our experience gives you the peace of mind that your exhibition will be a success. Here are just three examples of our care and attention to detail:

After cataloguing your artwork, we send you report showing any children that have been left out. If they can have their artwork ready in time, we can frame it on the day.

Every child receives a colourful sticker with their picture number on it. This not only boosts their pride, but helps them find their own and each other's pictures.

We use plastic and not glass. Plastic is much more expensive, but is obviously much safer in the school environment.

There is much else that makes our service the best, and your local exhibition expert will be happy to tell you more.

What do parents think of this?

Parents love their children's exhibitions. They enjoy touring the gallery and discussing the pictures with their friends and children. They say the framed pictures offer exceptional value for money, welcoming the chance to display and treasure their children's framed work at home. The exhibitions always have a positive "buzz" and second exhibitions are often organised at the parents' insistence!

Are you properly insured and police-vetted?

Our franchisees are required to take out at least £5m public liability cover and are DBS-checked.

Are Images GDPR compliant?

Yes completely. We will ask you to sign a brief, joint contract that complies with the seventh data protection principle (appropriate security measures) under the DPA.

Is an art exhibition right for my school?

Is my school too big or too small for this?

We have worked at a wide range of schools – please contact us to discuss your needs.

What is the best time to have an exhibition?

An art exhibition can be held at any time of year and can be organised in as little as three weeks depending on the size of the school. It is advisable to book early around popular dates like Christmas and the Summer or if you have a particular date in mind that coincides with a special school event.

Why do schools do this?

The reasons that schools give are: (a) boosting the children’s self-esteem; (b) underpinning learning through art with the exhibition as a focal point; (c) raising the profile of the school (local press and Ofsted inspectors are big fans of Images exhibitions); (d) involving parents in a superb event; and (e) fundraising.

Is there really NO RISK to the school?

The Images service is FREE and there is no financial risk. We even provide the special art paper free of charge. Parents value the opportunity to buy their children’s framed artwork, and we share the profits with you or your charity. Your only cost will be for your normal art materials, and we take away any unsold frames for recycling. The only thing we ask is that schools provide us with the very best artwork and that the exhibition is well publicised and treated as a special event in the calendar.

Will this involve lots of work?

Schools invite us back because our full service makes holding an exhibition a breeze. Your major task is to help children produce a stunning piece of artwork – something they will be doing as part of the curriculum anyway. Prior to the exhibition, we will give you advertising materials to send out and display. On the day itself we will need a very small amount of help. Afterwards, parents who missed the exhibition may want to pop in to buy their child's picture.

How does it all work?

What will it all look like?

Click here to see artwork and exhibition examples.

Do you run virtual exhibitions?

Yes! As an alternative to a live exhibition, you have the option of a Virtual Gallery, where the framed artwork is presented online. Parents can view and purchase artwork remotely.  Artwork purchased online is then delivered to your school for distribution to parents. You can get full details and view a demo gallery here.

What is the schedule on the day of the exhibition?

No two exhibitions are the same, and we will plan the day with you according to your preferences. A typical exhibition would be set up immediately after lunch, and the children would then visit by class or year group before the doors opened to parents at pick-up time. We would dismantle the exhibition in an hour or two depending on size and access. Some schools prefer an earlier set-up and some hold evening events. Exhibitions can even be run alongside Open Days or Parents Evenings. For larger schools an exhibition can be held over two days.

Will you need our help at the exhibition? Can the PTA assist?

The exhibition will take 1-2 hours to set up depending on the size of your school. Although it is not necessary, we always welcome the help of the site manager to unload. Once the stands are in place some of your older pupils could help speed up the process by putting the pictures in place. For large exhibitions we will need help on the sales desks until the initial rush dies down and help dismantling the stands at the end means everyone can go home quicker. The PTA can add to the occasion by providing refreshments.

How soon can we have an exhibition?

After an initial meeting, you need to allow enough time for the children to produce the artwork and a further two weeks for Images to catalogue and frame it. A faster turn-around may be possible by arrangement, whereas some schools like to take a term or more to accumulate artwork from their normal curriculum.

Can we use any of the children's existing artwork for the exhibition?

Yes, existing A4 artwork can be used and can be glued in the centre of our art canvases and then this can be framed for the exhibition.

Can an exhibition run alongside another event like a Christmas fayre?

Yes, it can as long as you have enough hall space and parents know to bring extra money. However, it is not just about the money and you would lose the 'gallery experience' that is so valuable for the pupils. An exhibition perfectly complements events like Open Days or Parents' Evenings.

Can we do this alongside other events, like the Book Fair?

Our service is free and we only earn a living through picture sales, so we ask that no other sales events take place on your Art Exhibition day (and preferably not in the same period).

Could we book a gallery as part of our Art Week?

A gallery is a great addition to an Art Week giving a real sense of purpose to the art you are doing with your pupils. Knowing that the work they create will be on display for the whole school community to come and enjoy is really motivating.

Do we need to plan our art on a special theme for our gallery?

Many schools like to create art for their gallery based on a particular theme. 'Our World' is a great example as it lends itself to a wide range of attractive ideas such as trees, flowers, minibeasts, animals, under-the-sea etc. Some schools like to take inspiration from famous artists with each class basing their art on a different artist or painting. However, if you prefer to create art based on the particular curriculum topics being taught in class at the time, that is fine too!

Does each class have its own display board?

No, the art is carefully mixed across the display boards to give a professional 'gallery feel'. This creates an attractive visual rhythm which leads the viewer around the gallery. It also prevents direct comparison between pupils in a class and allows children to spread out when coming to see their art with their class.

Can we do a dry run on an A4 sheet of paper before the children use the art canvas?

Yes, this is a great idea for all children to do a dry run first on an A4 sheet of paper. If this dry run looks great then stick the A4 sheet of paper in the centre of our art canvas and we will use this for our art exhibition.

Can we use the blank side of the paper?

The front will look best as we use a mount which draws the eye into the picture

However, there are often good reasons for using the back, so YES!

Do we only receive one canvas per student?

We send one canvas per student plus 10% extra to cover any mistakes that are made. Please check in with your Images exhibition manager if you require more.

Do you offer different sizes of frame?

In order to display the art of the whole school together we only offer one frame size. You can, however, complete larger pictures by using the back of the paper and forfeiting the mount.

How do Parents pay on the day?

By cash, cheque or card.

Can duplicate copies be purchased at the exhibition?

Yes as many duplicate copies can be purchased as required. We take away any artwork which requires a duplicate, we make the duplicate and then return it to the school at a date agreed upon with the school and Images.

How do I keep track of all the sales?

We bring everything needed for the day, sales sheets, a cash float and guides for Parents. After the exhibition, you will be left with a handwritten account of sales and statement of interim commission (plus the money) alpha and numeric guides and a copy of the master sales for continued sales. When we return after a while to collect the remaining unsold pictures, we’ll leave you with an invoice that shows the complete financial picture.

What do you do with the unsold artwork?

We collect and de-frame unsold artwork. The artwork can be returned to the school at a later date agreed upon with the franchisee and the school. If the artwork is not returned to the school, it is destroyed.

How do I find out more information or make a booking?

Please complete our contact form and your local Images representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Fundraising questions

How much will be raised for our school or charity?

Your local Images representative will be able to give you a good idea of this. Fundraising is from the sale of framed pictures and will vary according to the picture price you choose, how enthusiastically your parents support the event, and other factors.

How else can we fundraise at the event?

Raffles, tea, coffee and cakes can also be sold at the event to help raise additional funds.

What happens if we do not sell any pictures?

We expect to sell around 70 - 80% of all pictures. The cost of any unsold pictures is absorbed by the Images franchisee. They take the frames away, de-frame the artwork and dispose of the unsold pictures. The frames can be reused in other exhibitions.

Franchise questions

So why buy an Images School Art Exhibition franchise?

Studies show franchises have a success rate of approximately 90 percent, compared to only around 15 percent for new start up businesses.

We give you all the support and training you need to start up your successful franchise.

National marketing and advertising campaigns which help bring enquiries, leads and bookings all year round.

Only work during school term times, giving you an enviable lifestyle and more time to spend with the most important people in your lives.

Create a better lifestyle for you and your family. Create the life you have always desired.

Ambitious franchisee's have the opportunity to scale up their business and run multiple area's in our network.

We are busier than ever with enquiries coming through to head office due to our increased marketing campaigns.

Who Are Images School Art Exhibitions?

Our business is focused on creating the opportunity for art projects in primary schools that culminate in spectacular exhibitions of children's original framed artwork.

We are the originators of this concept and since 1997 we have a quantifiable record of success, having completed over 10,000 profitable school art exhibitions and, in the process raised over £2,000,000 for school funds.

Our headquarters and factory are based in North East Lincolnshire and cover an area of approximately 8,000 square feet. The benefit of operating our own manufacturing unit is that it enables us to control the quality of our products and supply these to our network at extremely competitive prices.

We have no national or international competitors and unlike many other franchise operations ours is not simply a variation on a theme or a business that is part of an already congested franchise category.

Our franchise network was established in 2002 following 5 years of successful operation as an independent company in Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. We currently have in excess of 40 operational franchise territories based in the UK and The Republic of Ireland.

What Investment is required to get started?

A minimum investment of £6,000 is needed. This investment gives you everything you need to start your successful Images franchise business that helps you improve your lifestyle and provides great job satisfaction.

Our franchise is a truly home based operation that required no additional premises and can be efficiently and profitably operated from a single room or a suitable outbuilding or garage. We are an original and unique concept with no direct competitors unlike many other franchise businesses.

What is included in a franchise package?

Head office national marketing campaigns

Full marketing support

Full comprehensive in house training

Digital Marketing

In house unique IT systems

Full support of a successful and very helpful franchise network team

Customer enquiries generated through head office on your behalf

Everything needed to run your Images franchise business

Full pallet of Frames

Marketing materials

Machinery and display screens

Art canvases and other literature required

Everything you possibly need to get going from day one

What does an exhibition and the framed artwork look like?

You can see examples of our exhibitions and framed artwork here.