Students At St Modwen's School Unleash Their Inner Banksy

Students At St Modwen's School Unleash Their Inner Banksy

St Modwen's Catholic Primary School in Burton recently organised an art exhibition featuring more than 400 pieces of artwork created by children aged from nursery to year six. The event was put on to showcase the children's talents and to inspire and encourage art as a career path. 

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Why us?

To ensure the exhibition was a success, the school's art lead, Amna Butt, enlisted our help as specialists in delivering successful school art exhibitions. The collaboration resulted in a professional and visually impressive exhibition, where children were able to showcase their creativity and get recognition for their hard work.

The Approach

Miss Butt believes that art is a vital subject and should be treated with the same importance as other subjects in the school curriculum. With this in mind, she organised an art exhibition to coincide with the school's Parents Evening. 

Heather and David Bryant from Images School Art Exhibitions worked with Amna to plan the gallery. They catalogued framed and displayed the art in the school hall for all the pupils to come and view during the school day. Then from home time onwards families visited the gallery and were able to buy the framed art if they wished to do so. Heather and David handled all the sales and ensured that the event ran smoothly.

More than 400 children, from nursery to year six, completed a piece of artwork that was available to be purchased by their parents. The children's paintings covered a variety of themes, including space, science, modern, contemporary, and abstract art. The students were inspired by various artists, such as Banksy and Giuseppe.

St Modwen School Art Exhibition

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With the help of Images School Art Exhibitions, the school was able to put on a successful art exhibition.

The Results

The art exhibition was a resounding success, and the children had a great time proudly showing their artwork to their parents. 

St Modwen School Art Exhibition
(Image: StaffordshireLive)

The event gave parents a chance to see what their children had been working on and also allowed the students to express their creativity. The paintings were displayed professionally and parents were able to purchase their child's framed artwork. 


Children from St Modwen holding their artwork

(Image: StaffordshireLive)

The children were proud of their work, and they received praise and compliments from their parents and peers. The event also secured positive local press coverage helping raise awareness of the school in the local community.

The school hopes that the exhibition will inspire and encourage art as a career path for its students.

Overall, the art exhibition was a fantastic success, and Images School Art Exhibitions played a crucial role in making the event possible. Our support ensured that the paintings were displayed professionally, and the students were given a chance to showcase their talents. The event was an excellent opportunity for parents to see their child's work and for the children to take pride in their artistic skills.

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