School Art Exhibition

Promoting The Artistic Talents Of Pupils

Ormiston South Parade Academy is a primary school in Grimsby who cater for children from the ages of 2 to 11 in a vibrant and modern environment. They came to us and asked Duncan and Daniel to provide an art exhibition in their school hall with all their pupil's original art work displayed in our UK manufactured picture frames.

Why Us?

Ormiston South Parade Academy contacted us after receiving a hand delivered promotion pack from Duncan and Daniel our Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Images team. Renee the art co-ordinator at the school wanted to do an art project in the school but was unsure how she could make it happen until she received our promotion pack explaining how our exhibitions work. Once she saw what we do and how we have helped other schools she loved the concept and wanted to find out more.

Ormiston South Parade Academy and Renee wanted to raise funds for the school and also wanted to celebrate the artistic talents of their pupil's. Duncan and Daniel were asked to attend a meeting with Renee to discuss how an exhibition would be held in the school hall and how Images would be able to help them raise funds. The meeting went great and once everything was explained Renee booked a date in the diary with Duncan and Daniel for an exhibition to be held at the school.

Our Approach

Due to dealing with children in schools we have very strict guidelines to follow. Firstly all our Images team members must have an enhanced DBS check before entering any school. As a company we also have very strict GDPR guidelines which must be followed. Then once we begin to deal with a school we aim to make the whole event as stress free, fun and as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved, from pupils to teachers to the Images team. We do all the work while allowing the school and the teachers to focus on producing all the children's beautiful pieces of art.

The Results

The art exhibition was a huge success. We held the art exhibition in the school hall over a two day period due to the sheer size of the school and the number of pupils within the school all supported by the amazing staff at Ormiston South Parade Academy.

The event was enjoyed by all the pupils, staff.  Ormiston South Parade Academy has 510 primary school pupils in their school and we managed to sell a very impressive 381 frames which is 75% of the pupils within the school.

From these sales the school managed to raise £190.50 all this was achieved while promoting the artistic talents of all the pupils and also helping raise all the pupils self esteem. The reaction on the pupils faces when they see their framed artwork is something that cannot be described, you have to be there to believe it.

We would like to thank Ormiston South Parade Academy for contacting us and allowing us to run an art exhibition for them. They were an absolute pleasure to work with from the very first day until the last day and we look forward to working with them again in the future!

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