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Images Art Exhibitions Support Local Food Banks

Duncan and Daniel are members of the Images Art Exhibitions team covering the Grimsby area. When they went to Ormiston South Parade Academy Primary School to manage their upcoming art exhibition, they noticed lots of advertising regarding food banks posted around the school.  Given the need for food banks in the area, they thought it would be a good idea to support and donate to a local food bank. 

They spoke to Renee, the school art coordinator and asked which food bank the school would like to support. The school chose The Side Door Church which was a local food bank the school often worked with. 


Images team members making donation to local food bank

Duncan and Daniel from Images Art Exhibitions donated £100 worth of food to The Side Door Church in Grimsby.

Duncan and Daniel donated £100 worth of food to The Side Door Church which was very much appreciated and will help so many people in the local area. 

Due to the impact this donation had, Duncan and Daniel have decided to make a similar value donation to each local area they hold an Images Art Exhibition in. They plan to work with each school’s preferred food bank or charity so that they can help as many people as possible in and around their local area. 

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